LJ and Janie vacationed in St. Croix in 2013 and fell in love with the island.  A month later, this condo was purchased.  They believe that you will fall in love with St. Croix too.

    St. Croix in The Caribbean is a majestic place where Both Relaxing and playing is standard.

    Our Little Bit of Paradise - St Croix, VI  615-519-7302 for more information

    Have you dreamed of vacationing in paradise? Get away from the day to day  stressors with a great vacation in the Caribbean -- the perfect location that offers uninterrupted relaxation on picturesque white sandy beaches with unbeatable scenery, authentic Caribbean cuisine, and a rich inviting culture.

    In the Caribbean, you’ll discover a new way of life that is very easygoing and stress free. St. Croix is the pinnacle of that lifestyle!  Relax as you soak up the sun's tropical rays and enjoy a long walk along the pristine beaches, yet allow this culture to engulf your senses with song and dance. Your choices are endless and your activity level is controlled only by your desires. Here, you can escape your busy lifestyle and live by Bobby McFerrin’s motto:  Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

    Come visit the Caribbean to enjoy new experiences, get to know a new and diverse culture, and spoil yourself with relaxation. Book your vacation today!